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CXIndex Settings

CX Index™ Survey

Questions order and actions. You can change the behaviour of each questions by clicking on Alert to configure its settings.

  1. Alert settings
    How likely would you be to recommend [Company name] to a friend or a family member?
  2. Alert settings
    At [Company name] we listen, this is your opportunity to share any feedback about this interaction or [Company name].
  3. For each of the following statements please rate your level of agreement by selecting a rating out of 5 stars.
    1. Alert settings
      The person I chatted with provided high quality service.
    2. Alert settings
      The person I chatted with was able to fulfil my request.
    3. Alert settings
      The person I chatted with made the interaction easy for me.

CX Index™ Survey Alert Settings

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Social Advocate™

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Social Advocate™ data

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Contact Lists

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